Sideload.me’s plan to shut down

A little more than a year ago, sideload.me was founded as another signing service with the goal of being the best and cheapest service. We thought that we would be able to make a lot of profit from the service, but we were wrong.

Up until a few weeks ago, if anyone bought a new device, we were generous enough to register their new device for free even though it says that users have to purchase a new subscription. We ultimately lost out on a lot of money from this and with all of the recent revokes, we are struggling to pay for new certificates.

Revokes are a huge problem. Not that long ago, we didn’t get any at all, but now it’s become a huge issue. Each new certificate is $100, times that by five revokes and that’s $500 that we have had to spend. Add another $50/month ($600 yearly) for the server cost. Unfortunately, sideload.me is no longer sustainable for us. There is nothing we can do about revokes since signing services are technically against Apple’s terms of service.

In addition to that, we have found that the whole service in general can be stressful for us. Some things that we have had to deal with include:

  • Users contacting us after a few minutes of paying even though the pages say to wait at least 24 hours since we don’t sit on the computer all day activating accounts.
  • One user buys a subscription, gets it activated, and then wants a refund because he thought we were a UDID service.
  • Too many users messaging us saying that “their app won’t download” or “X won’t work.” We can’t help you if you out if you do not provide us with any details.
  • A lot of users rushing us to update certain apps when they could avoid waiting for us by signing updates themselves with an Extended subscription.

This is even more stressful for our support person who handles all of the chat and email requests since he is the only person that does that. We do not have the time to teach anybody else how to work everything and we certainly don’t have the money to pay them either.

With all of that being said, we have decided that on October 20, 2019, we will shut down sideload.me when everyone’s subscriptions should be expired. We have also disabled our purchase page to prevent new users from purchasing a plan.We will still continue to provide support for users and continue to update apps until October of 2019. Users with active subscriptions will not notice anything different from the service. All we have essentially done is stopped new registrations. When the website is shut down, all of our databases will be deleted. We will NOT share any information with other signing services if asked to.

Users who currently have a subscription and plan on getting a new phone will need to find a new signing service. We cannot add your new UDID or open up purchases for you.

We would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us! If you have any questions about this announcement, please feel free to contact us.

Too long, didn’t read: Sideload.me has disabled purchases and will shut down one year from now but will continue to provide support and app updates.




Subscription Renewals & Sideload.me App version 2.0.3

Sideload.me officially turns one year old today. This means that for some it’s almost time for subscriptions to be renewed. In this post, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about renewals.


After you purchase a subscription, you are able to sign apps and have access to many other features for up to one year from your original purchase date. You can always view when your subscription will expire in the Profile page. After the expiration deadline has passed, users will still be able to use downloaded apps until the certificate expires. The website will let users know that their subscription is expired in all app pages.

You might be asking, what is the difference between certificate expiration and account expiration?

Account Expiration: When you first purchase a subscription, you will no longer be able to sideload apps after one year passes until you renew.

Certificate Expiration:  This is independent from account expiration. Certificates are used to make the apps you download work, and certificates are only valid for one year. Unless you bought a subscription on the same day we created the certificates (not that likely), your apps will stop working shortly before your subscription ends. To get them working again, you will simply need to download all of your apps again. After downloading your apps again, the data should still be retained. Since we’re not big enough to have our certificates filled in a day or two, there isn’t anything we can do about the certificates expiring before the subscriptions.


Sideload.me App Version 2.0.3

The update fixes the following issues:

  • Account checks – After users signed in the app, the app could still be used without problems even if a user was banned. (We had to ban a user for paying with an eCheck that bounced.)
  • Sensitive email login – Users could not log in to the app unless the email was in all lowercase.
  • Subscription Expired Warnings – Users will now be alerted when their subscription has expired.
  • App Size – We’ve deceased the app’s size from 56MB to only 10MB.

Changes to sideload.me

After weeks of hard work, sideload.me‘s design has been updated to hopefully make it easier for users to navigate through. Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to answer a lot of support tickets as well as getting a lot of our apps updated.

The update to the website also contains some improvements that have been listed below.

What’s new:

  • Apps page redesigned – We thought that the apps page could use a redesign. The new design makes it easier to view app information and guide users through signing apps better than the old design.
  • No more activation emails – In the past, we have received too many complaints from users about not being able to receive emails. The service we use to send out emails does not work for Yahoo! emails. To fix this, we completely removed the activation process from sign-ups so that users can immediately sign up and log in. Note: To prevent spam, we are limiting the number of accounts that can be made to seven per IP address.
  • Google CAPTCHA Removed – Google’s CAPTCHA service can be quite annoying and can delay the time it takes to sign in so we removed that as well. After six failed login attempts, an IP address will be blocked for an hour to prevent anyone from attacking the register and login forms.
  • PayPal Added – This has been the most requested feature that has been requested. As of last week, PayPal support was added so that users can use it to purchase a subscription.
  • Referral Program – The new update introduces our referral system. For every three users that you refer who buy a plan, you are able to request one device to be activated under the Extended plan for FREE.
  • Email provider switched – Since there were many problem with our previous provider, MailGun, we have now switched over to a new email provider for better reliability.


Along with those changes to the website, we have also released version 2.0 of the sideload.me. Here is what’s new:

  • Updates tab – With this new feature, you can see if a new update is available for any apps you’ve downloaded from us. The next time you sign an application, the sideload.me app will remember it and list any updates for it in the Updates tab. Now you don’t have to worry about checking for updates elsewhere.
  • Apps tab – The apps tab has been redesigned to match the rest of the app’s design. Additionally, iOS 11 users will be warned if they are trying to download an incompatible 32-bit app.
  • iOS 11.3 Import Issue – iOS 11.3 broke an important part of our code that allowed for importing .ipa files for custom signing. This issue should be fixed in this release.
  • Bug Fixes – A couple of bugs were fixed for iPhone X users.


That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us to let us know.